Site Allocations

A few weeks before the Camp begins, Sections will be assigned a number of camp sites based on numbers of participants and Scouters registered. PLEASE NOTE: Cubs, Scouts, and Venturers will typically be in different areas of the campsite so sharing resources between Sections will be, at best, challenging. Every Section/Patrol should be self-contained. However, if this is a  issue for groups due to sharing camping resources, every effort will be made to help.  Please communicate any such requests as soon as possible to the organizing committee.  

There are picnic tables on each site.   A rake and shovel would be good items to bring along. Groups are permitted to rake and groom their sites, but not cut down trees. 

Please remember that cargo/camper trailers cannot  be kept on campsites.  They will be parked in the large parking lot for the duration of the Jamboree.

Though there will be opportunity for gear drop off at the site on Thursday. Beginning Friday, vehicles with camp gear will not be permitted to drive directly to their campsite.  Equipment may be dropped off on the road by the Supermarket until 1 pm.  By 1 pm, all vehicles are required to be off the camp roads and in the parking lot.  All youth and Scouters should be prepared to carry their gear at least a half kilometer from the parking lot should the need arise.  A limited number of hand carts are available to move gear, however, for convenience, groups may bring their own carts/wagons.

Gear lists for Sections, patrols/lairs are posted on the Jamboree Web site under separate headings.